Olympic Games Rio 2016. Between Reality and Hope

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Between Reality and Hope

I’m here in Steemit to present some of the most important event that ever had in my country .

The 2016 Olympics are set to begin in just over 5 days in Rio de Janeiro. As the city prepares to receive an influx of international visitors, it is building new infrastructure and transportation systems to accommodate the surge. But the city is also undergoing another major project: hiding and removing poor people from view of foreign onlookers.


“Between Reality and Hope“

The title of this article is a tribute to the late writer, poet and playwright Ariano Suassuna which stated: “The optimist is a fool. The pessimist is boring. Well it is to be a hopeful realistic. “

Thus, with this thought, we must face the chances of Brazil to succeed in the next Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. So we are wary of disappointments suffered similar to the campaign’s soccer team at the recent World Cup, when sellers dream, especially the media and sponsors of the event, eluded many Brazilians, making them believe that Brazil would be six-time world.


WELCOME TO HELL. The Reality of the Olympics in Brazil. 2016, let the games begin!

The critical and realistic analysis, but without losing hope for a better Brazil, for us Brazilians, is that we make this nation. Let the games begin!

Yes, the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro will happen, and will be great, wonderful, as it should be anywhere in the world. Yes, We like the games! Yes we would like to feel proud to host the OLYMPICS IN BRAZIL! After all, what nation on earth not?
We do not like is to mask our problems we face and take the harsh reality of public calamity, not only in Rio de Janeiro, but in all states of Brazil. Calamity security, health, education, transportation, and rot in politics … No use to protect the public only during events that attract looks from the outside, we do want to see this commitment every day. The games go, and of course, is the legacy and remember it in the future.
Yes Bring on the Games and that is BIG, how big is Brazil, and it is beautiful, as is the beautiful Rio de Janeiro.


Army was fired when passing near a slum in Rio de Janeiro





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