Lamb Loin Chops

Lamb ribs
Delicious grilled lamb ribs with parmentier and chips.

The Main course Recipes is a collection of recipes based on meat fish and pork ingredients. They also include Duck, Pigeon and Veale delicacies for special moments .


1. Lamb Rack

Butter, oil, salt, pepper
20g butter
20g flour
100ml milk
1 egg yolk

2. Garnish

10g butter
30g cooked ham
30g mushrooms
1 truffle chopped
½ onion chopped
1 tbsp. parsley

3. Chinese Cabbage Gratin

1 Cabbage
1 egg
2 slices smoked bacon
15g agar
35 ml cream
25g parmesan cheese powder
3 tarragon springs
40 ml balsamic vinegar, salt, sugar, butter

4. Sauce

Lamb trimmings
30g shallot
30g carrots
30g onion
30g celery

5. Artichoke chips

3 pieces Jerusalem
2l oil for frying



Lamb – 5 m / Over

Temperature 46 – 48 °

Boiling Cabege -20m

STEP 1 – Cut the lamb sofyti bone inside the rib. Remove the back bone. Clean all the bones. Remove fat from the bottom of the bone and leave fat on top of the bone to make a rectangular shape. Cut all the trimmings to make the sauce and avoid adding too much fat. Add the lamb bone fat to the pan and fry the trimmings. Then add salt and pepper.

STEP 2 – (a) Cut the carrots, celery, onions, and tomato into cubes. Take a saucepan and fry the trimmings. When the trimmings are fried remove them and add the chopped vegetables to fry separately. Leave the vegetables on the pan, add the trimmings and mix everything together.

STEP 2 – (b) Add Veal stock and water to the trimmings and vegetables on the pan and boil this mixture for 25-30 minutes. When done, filter the veal stock by removing the vegetables and retain the liquid. Simmer the stock until the liquid turns into a thick sauce.

STEP 3 – Cut the mushrooms one by one into very small cubes (1cm x 1cm size). Chop the ham, truffle, herbs, and onions. Now fry the ham with butter and then add onions, mushroom, truffle, and the herbs.

STEP 4. – Melt the butter, addflour and cold milk and mix them together to form a Béchamel sauce. Then add egg yolks and salt to this sauce.

STEP 5. – In a separate saucepan add small cubes of baconand fry in hazelnut butter. Fry this butter until a golden colour. Finally add cheese, fresh tarragon, salt and pepper to the hazelnut butter.

STEP 6 – Remove the cabbage leaves and boil them with salt. Dry the cabbage leaves. Lay the cabbage leaves on cling film plastic. Add the fried ingredients onto the cabbage leaves and role everything together.




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  1. OMG I’ve been looking for something like this so long!!! Really cool will try it out!

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    1. Thanks Maria, I try to cook just recipes like this one 🖒

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