Beef Fillet Wellington

I would like to contribute to this Blog community a Gastronomic Experiences By Chef Gustavo Pasquini 


Main Ingredients

• 800g tenderloin

• Salt, pepper

• Egg wash Celestine crepes

• 75g flour

• 150ml Milk

• 2 eggs

• 10g butter

• Salt, pepper


• 2 shallots

• 100ml veal stock and beef trimming

• 50g butter

• 50g carrots

• 50g onions

• 50g celery

• 50g garlic

• 1 bouquet of herbs

Turned vegetables

• Carrots

• Turnips

• Butter

• Salt, sugar

Doll – Pastry

• Pastry to cover the meat.



Beef – 20m Cook

Temperature 180°


STEP 1 – Sieve the flour and mix with the eggs. Slowly add milk to the mix. Melt the butter and chop in your herbs. Filter the liquid, add the melted butter and mix all together.

STEP 2 – Tie string loosely around the meat. Cut and retain the trimmings. Fry the meat, then add salt and pepper and put the meat in the freezer for 10 minutes.

STEP 3 – Cut the carrots, onions, celery and shallots into small cubes. Fry the vegetables, meat trimmings, garlic and butter in a pan for 3 minutes. Remove the vegetables and meat from the pan. . Add the stock to the saucepan and start scratching the saucepan for 30 seconds. Filter the stock from the saucepan and reduce until it becomes a sauce. Add salt and serve.

STEP 4 – Take the meat from the freezer. Cut the string around the meat. Cover the entire meat with doll pastry. There must be two lines of doll pastry, one on the top of the meat and the other at the bottom of the meat. Press very well around the meat with the fork. Add egg wash to the top of the pastry and cook in the oven for 20 minutes.

STEP 5 – Peel the carrots and turnip and cut them into slices. Boil these for 10 minutes and fry with butter. Add salt and pepper to serve.

By Chef Gustavo Pasquini



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  1. Paul says:

    Dear god this looks amazing!

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  2. howmuchmoneydoesamanneed says:

    Wow! I think I’ll try this recipe for my next blog post and give a link back to your website. Excellent photos! I hope my attempt at cooking this will be successful.

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    1. Thanks, I will be very happy if you try my Recipe 😉


    1. Thanks, I am very happy because you made the best Recipe from my blog 😉
      Welcome to the Blog of Gustavo Pasquini 😎


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