Came Soon The New Steemit Recipes Mobile Application to my Tag about Recipes .

Steemit Recipes Banner


I want to help you to create a fine dining experience within the comfort and privacy
of your own home.

Perhaps you would like to celebrate a special occasion with your loved one,
on an anniversary, a birthday, or a romantic occasion.

I want you to be able to use this app with ease and comfort. I hope that this app will
bring you and your loved one great happiness and joy on your special occasion together.





This is an app designed for you to cook something nice for that special person.






About Me

In 2012 I began my cooking journey in Brasil and studied at “Senac, Juiz de Fora”, in Minas Gerais, developing my basic culinary techniques.

Later I worked in a local restaurant, and rose to a role in management, helping to increase the clientele base. I then discovered a refined bistro called “Assunta” in Minas Gerais and cooked as a Chef de parti. In this place I became sure of what I wanted for my life. Learning an important chef’s culinary art at that time aroused my desire to live abroad; learn English and improve my culinary techniques.

Following this experience I traveled to Ireland in Europe and began working in an Irish restaurant as a Kitchen Porter and later working as a Chef de Parti.

Having met my girlfriend, I embarked on the third part of journey to Thailand in 2014 where I gained an Asian cooking experience and improved my International culinary techniques. In Bangkok I had the privilege of undertaking a course in one of the most prestigious international networks of French cuisine; “Le Cordon Bleu”.

Having completed the Advanced cooking level there I traveled to Italy and learnt more about Mediterranean cooking and then returned to Brasil, where I’m now based.








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