Raw Vegan Superfood Bread


This bread is so nutritionally dense, it is way more satisfying than baked bread and much harder to overeat. Enjoy a slice with some melted coconut oil, or top it with some plant based goodness your body will love thank you for such as avocado, fresh veggies and/or sprouts, or cashew cheese.



1 cup raw rolled oats

2 cups water

1 1/2 cups pumpkin seeds

1 cup Almonds

3 tbsp psyllium husk

 2 tbsp chia seeds

2 tbsp Italian herb mix


Servings: 4 people         Total Time: 25 minutes



1. Place the almonds in a food processor and run until coarse mix is formed. You don’t want to blend the almonds too fine.

2. Mix the almonds with all the the remaining dry ingredients in a big mixing bowl.

3. Form into a loaf and then make slices of bread from the mixture before dehydrating to speed up the process.

4. Place the slices on the dehydrator sheets for 3 hours and dehydrate till the mixture holds together.


-Healthy Raw Snack-

The Best Healthy Raw Snack 
By Gustavo Pasquini


Healthy Raw Snack Book

The Best Healthy Raw Snack Book
By Gustavo Pasquini



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