Poultry Ballotine Pistachios




Cook up a chicken dish for that special occasion and enjoy .

Main Ingredients


1×1.3 kg poultry

200 g pork shoulder or blade

40g pork bard, diced

1 egg

2 tbsp cognac

50g pistachios

7g salt

1g pepper


1 pich of thyme

180g gras, cooked

Court bouillon for poaching


1 carrot

1 onion studded with a clove, sliced

1 leek sliced

1 celery stalk, sliced

2 garlic cloves, sliced

Bouquet garni

200 ml dry white wine

4l water


1 clean towel equired or mousseline sheet



Time Cook – 1/30  minutes

Walter Temp. – 95 degrees

Chicken Temp. – 62 degrees


  1. Add 4L of water in the pot, cut the leek, carrots, onions in slice, make a bouquet garn, wine, salt, pepper to put all this in the water and boiling.

  2. Take the chicken to flambé cut the head, cut the wings to add intro the boiling water, remove the tender, cut the fit, cut in the centre all the back of the chicken, remove the fat, cut the bone, broke the leg, start cleaner around the leg bone, cut on the junction of the leg and wings, remove the bone of the leg and wing, cleaner the breast, put the knife in said of the leg to you open, the breast you open the middle of the chicken breast to make flat, add the rest of the breast to complete .Cut all the trimmings and add intro the boiling water .

  3. Cut the Duck river in half to roll up intro the flat breast . Cut the Ham in burnoose, put all the meat the boll, add the add, cognac, salt, pepper .

  4. Chopped the pistachios to add in said of the stuff in the boll . Cut the pork bard in slice to mix with the stuff in the boll .

  5. Now add the chicken breast flat in a dishcloth and add the stuff from the boll in said the chicken, the duck river and add some stuff in the top, now close 1 size and after close the next one . Roll up all this chicken and tie very well .

  6. Now Remove all the bone from the boiling water and add all the chicken .


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