Beef Cheek and Tender Loin Zucchini and Tomato Stuffing Puree of Carrots Tagliatelle


Brazilian   Delicate   Style



500g Joue de Boeuf
2 Carottes
1 Oignon
1 Poireau
5 Charlottes
4 Gousses d’ail
1 Zucchini
500g Stock de Veau
1 Chive
La feuille de laurier
500g Vin Rouge
Ingrédients principaux

500g Tender Loin
1 Carotte
1 Oignon
1 Gousse d’ail
500g Stock de Veau
50g Beurre
Sel de mer


3 Tomates
4 Champignons
1 Gousse d’ail
1 Oignon
1 Poivron rouge
100g La viande hachée
30g Beurre

2 Carottes
100g Crème
50g Beurre


400g Farine
1 Oeuf


1 Carotte
1 Branche de céleri
½ Navet
5 Asperges
1 Poivron rouge


200g Huile
2 Oeufs


Part 1 . Take the beef cheek to clear the fat and cut it in half.

Cut all of the vegetables in Mire au poix for the aromatic garnish.

Fry the beef cheek.

Remove the meat from the pan.

Fry the vegetables.

Remove the vegetables from the pan.

Add the glass of red wine to the pan to warm it up.

Add the remaining ingredients to the pan.

Add the veal stock herbs, spices, peppers and cook for two hours.

Clean the tender loin.

Wrap string around the tender loin.

Cut the vegetables in mire poix and the trimmings.

Fry the trimmings.

Remove the trimmings from the pan.

Fry the vegetables on the pan.

Remove the vegetables from the pan.

Add the veal stock to the pan.

Add the trimming and vegetables to the veal stock.

Leave these ingredients on the pan to simmer.


Part 2 . Add the flour to the mixer.

Add egg, one tablespoon of oil and water.

Mix these for five minutes until a good consistency.

Roll the dough and add to the pasta machine.

Insert the dough into the pasta machine six times.

Roll the pasta into a tube and cut it into small slices.

Open the slices like a tube.

Add flour to the dough.

Put the pasta dough into the freezer.


Part 3 . Remove the seeds from the Tomato and Zucchini.

Cut the garlic and the onion into brunoasse.

Fry the onion and the garlic.

Add the ground veal meat.

Add cayenne pepper, black pepper, herbs, and bay leaf.

Insert the meat inside the Zucchini and Tomato.

Add parmesan cheese and put the Tomato and Zucchini Stuffing into the oven to cook for 5 minutes.


Part 4 . Cut the carrots into very thin slices.

Boil the carrots until caramelized into a cream.

Strain the carrots.

Blend the carrots together and add butter.

Add the puree to the pan and add half of the cream.


Part 5 . Fry the tender loin until it has color.

Put it in the oven for 5 minutes.

Strain the veal sauce and reduce the juice.

Strain the beef cheek juice and reduce the juice.

Cut the beef cheek into four parts.

Add the juice to the meat glaze.


Part 6 . Warm the pasta with onion, garlic and carrots and butter.


Part 7 . Prepare the carrots to cut in julienne.

Prepare the asparagus.

Turn the Zucchini.

Blanche all the vegetables with boiling water and salt.

Put one vegetable type in each pan.

Add butter, sugar, salt, chaminé and water to each pan.

Mix the oil with mustard, three egg yolks very slowly.

Mix for 5 minutes to a good consistency.


Part 8 . Mix 2 egg yolks with mustard and salt.

Add the vegetable oil very slowly until it’s finished.


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