Steemit Recipes Mobile Application [LIVE]

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Steemit Recipes is an application about recipes during my journey to the world.



Steemit Recipes is an application of international recipes made ​​by Gustavo Pasquini during my journey through several countries .


 Throughout the travels I will be posting typical recipes from many countries, ezotic ingredients and beautiful natural landscapes.


Steemit Recipes Blog App

I want to help you to create a fine dining experience within the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Perhaps you would like to celebrate a special occasion with your loved one, on an anniversary, a birthday, or a romantic occasion.

I want you to be able to use this app with ease and comfort. I hope that this app will

bring you and your loved one great happiness and joy on your special occasion together.


Steemit Recipes

Creating an Steemit Recipe Blog to bring exquisite recipes to your fine dining table .

Beef Dishes

Celebrate with Steemit Recipes on that special day.

Cook something lean and keep your loved one keen! Most of the beef dishes originate from France and can be eaten with a nice glass of red wine.

Fish Dishes

These are fish recipes from around the wold.

Cook up a fish dish for that special occasion and enjoy it with your loved one!

Pork Dish

Pork dishes for a special occasion from around the world .




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