Bean turned


Traditional Brazilian recipes




baked beans with their broth
Cassava flour
pork fat
beat onion
Salt and green onions and pat



1. In hot fat if refoguem-two cloves of crushed garlic.

2. Being well fried, remove them.

3. Add the onions and when they are golden, saute the beans, then add the broth and salt.

4. Cook for about twenty minutes on low heat.

5. In a skillet, place the beans that are ready, with little broth and go slowly adding cassava flour, stirring well until it gets the point.

6. Prove it to check the salt.

7. The point of the face should be neither too soft nor too hard.

8. To serve, garnish with a beaded can of pork rinds and fried pork skins and pururucas.

9. To accompany the upset, still being indispensable cabbage cut very thin, steamed and fried eggs.

10. Also according to the will accompany pork loin, fried sausage, chops or antrecosto pork, fried in advance, but nice and warm.


In the Paraiba Valley region to the face, it is used preferably cassava flour, which does not occur in mountainous areas of the state, whose preference is for cornmeal.


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