Polenta with Ragu Meat Dry


Traditional Brazilian Appetizer to bring exquisite recipes to your fine dining table for special ocacsions.



The Ragu Dry Meat

400g of dried meat or desalted salt
1/2 medium onion chopped in the smallest possible size (brunoise)
2 cloves garlic, minced in the smallest possible size (brunoise)
3 tablespoons olive oil
0,3l of white or red wine
500ml of water
Pelati 1 can of tomatoes into cubes or 3 Italian tomatoes, seeded and peeled
Salt to taste, if necessary after completion of Ragu

The polenta

200g of fine corn flour for polenta;
700ml of water (to dilute the polenta)
½ teaspoon salt tea




Ragu Dry Meat

1. Before any procedure, dessalgue their dried meat, which usually comes to us consumers with too much salt to your saves. Cut the meat into large cubes of edge 5cm +/- each. Dip these cubes of dried meat in a container with water to the surface of the meat, covering the cubes. Keep this container in the refrigerator and replace your water every 2 hours, 3 to 4 times depending on how their meat is salty.

2. To find out if your meat is too much or too little salt, just testing the water at the last and penultimate exchanges; if it is too salty, require more exchanges of cold water, if the water is only brackish, will be ready the meat to be manipulated.

3. In a pressure cooker and over medium heat, saute onion and garlic in olive oil, leaving them brown. Add to this mixture the meat without water dessalgue, in order to seal (browning meat outside), while stirring occasionally.

4. Add the wine, water and cover the pressure cooker, sealing it well. Lower the heat to the lowest setting and cook in pressure for about 30 minutes.

5. Turn off the heat, allow the pressure out completely. Open the pot and see if the meat is well tender, otherwise return it to the fire, with the covered pot for a few minutes (10minutes, depending on how the meat in question is still hard).

6. Once cooked meat and tender, remove all the liquid that came off the meat into another container and set aside.

7. Close the pressure cooker with the meat cooked inside, and shake several times and vigorously. When you open the pressure cooker meat should be shredded completely. If not, close the pot again and repeat the procedure until the desired result.

8. Transfer the meat with its broth to a small saucepan and deep, add pelati tomatoes, mix well, correct the salt if necessary, and leave on medium heat until the broth begins to reduce and refine. About 20 minutes. The more reduce broth, the flavor will be determined.



Boil water in a deep pan and add low-temperature salt and fine corn flour gradually, stirring until it is full-bodied and creamy. Preferably, follow the “proportion” of water and cornmeal, and the “method of preparation” of the flour manufacturer to polenta to buy, after all there are differences in the composition of each of these industrialized corn mixtures! Porcione container or format you want to serve.



The Appetizer recipes commences your dining experience with Mediterranean and  South American ingredients for romantic, ceremonial and celebratory  occasions. 



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