Roasted Chicken with Herbs Butter




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Food Art & Techniques to make The Best Roasted Chicken Step By Step .




Chicken – Poulet

Scientific name: Gallus gallus domesticus

The common domestic chicken is a mixture of several breeds that were all originally descendants of the notoriously cranky red jungle fowl of Southeast Asia. Eventually making its way though the Mediterranean to Europe, the chicken remained a meal for the wealthy well into the 20th century. In 1594 to garner popular support, King Henry IXpromised the French masses ”a chicken in every pot.” This, like most political promises, did not pan out, mak-ing toda`s mass production of chickens a strange kind of wish fulfillment for the French king.




1 Chicken

200g Butter

200g Herbs

2 Onions

2 Garlics







  1. Hold the head of the chicken face down.

  2. Slice the skin of the back of theneck.

  3. Cut the length of the skin to expose the neck.

  4. Pull the skin away, exposing the neck.

  5. Cut off the head.

  6. Cut at the base of the neck where it connects to the body. Reserve the neck for making stock.

  7. Make an incision along the back of the legs.

  8. Open up the skin, and slip your thumb under the exposed tendons.

  9. Slip the of a sharpening steel underneath.

  10. Twist the sharpening steel to wind the tendons around. Then pull to disengage the tendons.

  11. Pull the tendons loose.

  12. Trim off using a pair of scissors.

  13. Trim the feet for pesentation. With a large knife, cut off the side claws.

  14. Cut as closely to the joint as possible.

  15. Cut off the tip.

  16. Place the trimmed feet over an open flame to remove the outer skin.

  17. One the skin has blistered, remove from the heat.

  18. Break off the larger pieces with yourfingers.

  19. Use the tip of a small knife to remove any remaining.

  20. Trim off the tip of the wing. Reserve for making stock.

  21. Cut the lower part of the wing at the joint. Reserve for making stock.

  22. Cut arround the base of the ”drum-stick” of the wing.

  23. Use the back of the knife to scrape the bone clean.

  24. With a pair of kitchen scissors, cut off the end.

  25. Be sure the cut is clean, remouve any splinters of bone.

  26. Remove the wishbone: Lift the flap of skin at the shoulders of the chicken and feel for the outline of the wishbone.

  27. Use the tip of a small knife, scrape the bone to disengage it from the flesh.

  28. Continue scrapin until the wishbone is complety exposed.

  29. The wishbone is held in place by cartilage, so hook your finger under the prong and gently break away and pull out.


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