The place of ant is on the plate ?


In Silvertown Brazil, to the mayor eat the butts of içás, winged ants.
Expert says consumption is healthy, learn the recipe.


When the thunder echoed in the clear days of spring, two populations awaken in the quiet Silvertown, in São Paulo, for a traditional clash that occurs every year, always in the months of October and November.

On the one hand, ants ants, those winged females called içás, the hornet’s size. On the other, the residents of the city of just over 6,000 peple.

During rain showers occur mating swarms of içás with bitus, males of these ants. But instead of leaving the burrows to find partners, the insects are at risk of encountering men, women and children willing to hunt them down and take them from the nest to the pots.



Ant Iça and crumbly


Basic ingredients

  – 1 big spoon of lard melted fat pork

  – 1 serving (120g to 140g) of içás (ants) clean (stingless, wing, legs and head)

  – Salt

  – Chive

  – Raw cassava flour

Method of preparation

  – Play lard in a pan with low heat

  – After playing the içás in the pan with lard

  – Stir the ingredients

  – When you realize that the ants are crunchy, throw salt (a spoon of coffee) and garlic (one teaspoon)

  – Stir well and let the garlic fry along with içás

  – Play of raw cassava flour (half American cup)

  – Stir and remove from heat to avoid burning

  – Take the içás with flour and deposit them on a plate

  – Play chives





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