Skate Fish Wings, Flemish-Style Red Cabbage, Beer Jus Vinaigrette




  • Food Art & Techniques to make The Best Skate Fish Wings Step By Step . 😉

  • Creativity Food is inteligence having fun


Le Nord Pas- de- Calais Et La Picardie : La Flandre

Region of France and Belgium on the North Sea

Capital : Lille

Departement : Nord

  • Gastonomie

    With all its resources, the cuisine of Flanders is a rich one where dishes are usually cooked slowly in a covered pan.

  • Regional Products

    The North Sea provides Flanders with an abundance of fish and the inland crops provide a wide choice of vegetables.

  • Fish

    Mackerel and herring

  • Livestock 

    Pigs and sheep, and also dairy and beef cattle, whose meat is highly regarded.

  • Farming

    Market gardening provides wheat, potatoes, endive (chicory0, hops, sugar beets, cabbage.

  • Cheese

    Bergues, Mont-des-Cats, Coeur d`Arras, Boulette d`Avesnes, Dajphin, Vieux-Lille, and Moroilles (all strong flavoured cheeses).



Skate Fish Wings, Flemish-Style Red Cabbage, Beer Jus Vinaigrette


Main Ingredients

2 Wings of Skate Fish

White Vinegar

30 ml Peanut oil

Salt, Pepper



70 g butter

2 Bread Slices for Croutons

10 g Capers

1 Lemon

Flat Parsley


Flemish-Style Red Cabbage

1/2 Red Cabbage, Finely Sliced

100 ml Distilled Coloured Vinegar

2 l Water

50 g Cooking Larg (fat)

1 Onion, Sliced

1 tbsp Brown Sugar

200 ml Red Wine 

1 Apple, Diced

Salt, pepper

Bitter-Sweet Beer Sauce

30 g Sugar

50 g White Wine Vinegar

300 ml Beer (Jenlain)

1 Juniper Berry

100 ml Veal Stock

30 g Butter



1 Oven-Dried Red Cabbage Leaf 

Apple Chips

1 Apple




  1. Clear all the cabbage 1 by 1, remove the big part and cut the cabbage in julian. Now you blanch (boiling with salt and vinegar) and separe on the side.

  2. Melt the sugar on the pan, add sliced of onions and start mix with the sugar. When the onions start cook you add some water and add the fat, mix again and add more salt and sugar, add the cabbage and mix to start cook slowly and when cooked you leave on the side.

  3. Now start melt sugar in one pan, add vinegar and the skin of the apple, add 2 Beer 1 by 1 to start boiling.

  4. Now take your fish to start remove the filets, the board of the fillets you remove and the 1° and 2° skin from the the fillets.

  5. After your Beer Sauce reduce well you can add the stock liquid on the sauce and wait reduce.

  6. Cut your Bread in cubes, add oil and butter in one pan, saute all the bread and draw the bread on the final.

  7. Start chopped your herbs and capers before cook the fish.

  8. Take your fish to add salt and pepper.

  9. Take the flour to mix on the fish fillets and leave on the side.

  10. Now start fry 1 size by 1 size very slowing, on the last size from every file you can add butter to fry on the pan.

  11. Remove the the fillets from the fry and add into the oven for 5 minutes.

  12. On deseme pan you fry the fish you add the capers and start fry, add lemon and herbs and leave on the side.

  13. Cut the apple in cubs and add into the cabbage mix.

  14. You finish with butter .



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