The Nomadic Food & Recipes at The World


The Nomadic Food & Recipes at The World will be a Serie ” Gourmet Blog Post ”


  • I will travel to many country by my self, my phone and my Blog

  • The frist country will be in Brazil – São Paulo and I will show you The Best Gourmet Food Places, Gastronomic Events, Local and Tradicional Culture from old people.

  • My mission is to explore the enterid world and discover bealtiful Food, Recipes and Good Places .


  • Yes, I will do my travel around the world with a mobile phone and this will be my camera, notebook, ipod and my Internet.

  • Every place find by me in this trip I will post on Steemit and bring The Best Place .

  • I am the new generation and the life will be diffent very soon, we can learne and keep Up .


São Paulo

Did you know that São Paulo is considered the world capital of gastronomy?

Here, we savor diverse and delicious dishes, which become the main attraction for tourists who dream to meet our city.

If Wednesday traditionally have feijoada, the most typical Brazilian dishes, which are served with great sympathy and excellence in our restaurants.

To our joy, it is served in full and light versions. The white boy rice and cabbage greenback are present in the dish as an accompaniment. It will also crumbly!


Every year, we receive about 12 million visitors to fall in love with our cuisine. All this because we are considered one of the best places to eat and taste various dishes.

Best of all this is that, here in São Paulo, the tourist knows the city eating or if you prefer, you can eat after making a tour of one of our tourist attractions. There are plenty of options to delight!

By tradition, we usually spice our food with many herbs and spices. History tells us that the Portuguese colonists came to Brazil for this reason: they knew that here was a diverse amount of seasoning.

This is what characterizes the Brazilian cuisine in São Paulo, the plurality of flavors that our food can have even prepared within the city. Mercadão is the best place to meet spices.


The people

The people of  São Paulo came from different parts of the world! The effects of immigration are also noticed in the vast list of restaurants in our city.

The Lebanese have brought us their Arabic food; who prefer to enjoy a delicious pasta, you can go to Bixiga near the Avenida Paulista – the hottest of paulistanas avenues. If you want to taste some fish with good olive oil and a delicious wine, the City of Sao Paulo team suggests some Portuguese cuisine restaurant.

Who like Japanese food, will also be delighted here. The area of Liberty, located in the center of São Paulo, concentrates a lot of restaurants and oriental culture stores. Getting there is very easy: just get off at Liberty Station, the Blue Metro line, and have fun with our Eastern friends!


1° Event

Hotel Intercontinental Sao Paulo Promotes Gastronomic Festival Korean

The event that takes place for the first time in Latin America is sponsored by Grand Hotels Intercontinental Seoul Parnas in order to defundir culture and culinary of Asians parents around the world.

I will attend Gastronomic Festival Korean on 10/14/2016





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