Rack of Lamb with Parsley Crust, Spring Vegetables and Stuffed Tomatoes


Food Art & Techniques to make The Best Rack of Lamb Step By Step

Gala Menu

Techiniques: Preparing a rack of lamb- Turned and Glazed Vegetables- Stuffed

Serves 4

Main igredients

1 lamb rack

olive oil

salt, pepper


20 Carrots, turned and glazed

20 turnips, turned and glazed

4 zucchinis stuffed with mushroom duxelles

4 tomatoes stuffed with saffron rice pilaf


Bones and trimmings of lamb

30 g onion

3 garlic cloves

100ml water

Parsley crust

30 g fresh breadcrumbs

30 g parsley, chopped

5 garlic cloves

fresh thyme or Provence herbs

melted butter or olive oil

mustard or 1 egg yolk


1/2 bunch of watercress



  1. Chopped the onions and the mushroom to cook in one pan, after you remove and add to one bol on the side.

  2. Pell all the carrots and the turnips, cut all in cubs, add butter to start cook the vegetebols, after done you leave on the side .

  3. Clearne all the fat meat, the fat from the top bone you keep.Now chopped all the trymmings from the lamb and keep on the side.

  4. Chopped all the herbs, garlic and mix, add bread flour, mostard, olive, salt, pepper and mix all to leave on the side.

  5. Fry the lamb rack with butter, after take a color you remove, add on the lamb egg yolk, add the ” Herbs Mix ” on the top of the lamb meat and oven for 10 minutes.

  6. Remove the meat and rest.

  7. Scop the zucchines and mushoom and cook for 3 minutes.

  8. Remove the skin from the tomatos and clean the seds insaid, add the zucchines and mushoom cooked insaid of the tomatos and add rice insaid ” if you want ” , add the tomato to the oven for 10/15 minutes .



The Gastronomic Journey

My itinerary will begin in Brazil in 01/21/2017 for 3 month’s and then I will go to Spain, Italy and France . I will write all the experience in said of the ship and 1 time per Week I will be on the ground to get some pictures, videos at each city I stop. I will bring on the post at my blog typical food and the best recipes from the city’s, interesting techniques, costumed.



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Recipes Book`s

International Recipe’s Book Main Course

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