Roasted Pork Filet Mignon with Prunes


Food Art & Techniques to make The Best Roasted Pork Filet Step By Step.



Capital – Tours

Region al the cente of france, from Loire Valley and its castles



The cuisine of this region is marked by two factors: the Loire itself, with a large variety of freshwater fish, and the extreme fertility of the soil. The soil along with the mild climate gives the Touraine an abundant production of delicious vegetables and fruits with some coming out as early as two weeks prior to those in Il-de-France.


Regional Products


salmon, salmon trout, perch, carp, pike, shad, pike-perch


pork,poultry, geline (black footed fowl)


venison, hare, pheasant, partridge, qauil, thrive and lark, wild duck


wild mushrooms (chanterelles, horn of plenty (craterelle), cps), aspargus, celery, endives lettuces, leeks, beans, fava (broad) beans.


strawberries, melons, peaches, apricots, prunes, pears, table grapes.


Goat cheese: Ste Maure, Ligueeil, Chozé, Saint-Loup


Whites: Vouvray, Savenniéres and Saumur
Reds: Chinon, Bourgueil, Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil and Saumur Champigny



Roasted Pork Filet Mignon with Prunes, Dry Vouvray Wine Sauce, Potato With Skin, Goat Chheese and Chive

Server 4

Main Ingredients

1 x 800 g Pork Tenderloin untrimmed

200 g Pork Meat Trimmings

10 Prunes, Pitted

250 ml Vouvray Sparkling Brut Wine Salt, Whie Pepper, Soring, Toothpicks



Filet Mignon + Meat Trimmings


2 Shallots, Cut into Mirepoix

3 Whole garlic Cloves

20 ml Oill

30 g Butter

200 ml Veal Stock

1/2 Bay Leaf


Oyster Mushroom Trimmings



2 Potatoes (waxy)

8 Oyster Mushrooms Medium Size, Salt, Fresh White Pepper, Ground. 


Sauce Finishing and Decoration

50 ml Heavy Cream


Cherviil or Chive Sprigs



Oven – 180°/ Meat – 75°
Meat -7 Minutes / 4 Minutes/ 3 Minutes 
Potatoes – 5 Minutes

  1. Add salt on the tray and start rolling the potatoes on the salt and and oven .

  2. Add the Champenging to start boiling all the Primes, remove the champenging to keep and reseve on the side.

  3. Clean the Mignon and cut the white cap from the meat, cut the board from the meat and leave just the center.

  4. Cut all the trimmings from the meat, cut the shallots in mirapoex, garlic and chopped the Bay Leaf. Fry all the trimmings, add the shallots and garlic, add butter and wait get some color.

  5. Drain all the trimmings from the pot and add the champanging to reduce and back all the trimmings to boiling.

  6. Cut a hole inside the center meat, add all the prime numbers 1 by 1 inside the meat.

  7. Add the Veal stock inside of the sauce and wait reduce.

  8. Remove the Potatoes from the oven and cut in half and open inside, cut all the cheese and start melt on the pan with butter, salt, pepper.

  9. Clean all the spring onions and chopped the trimmings, add the cheese melt inside of the potatoes, aluminic and oven.

  10. Cut all the Mushroom and cook with butter.

  11. Drain all the sauce and leave on the fire to reduce.

  12. Fry all the spring Onions.

  13. Fry the meat very well and oven.

  14. After the sauce reduce you add cream, mix very well and add all the chopped herbs. Done.


Le Courdon Bleu – Class Cuisine

Intyernational Recipes




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  1. callmetrav says:

    I love roasted pork and this recipe gives me another way to have it.

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    1. Thanks Callmetrav this is a very good Recipe 😉

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