1001 Foods to Try Before Die ” Cassis ” #01


  • It is strange that a flavor that often now be mentioned to describe the characteristics of the best crus of Bordeaux has been so long as the poor cousin of the red and white currants.

  • But Ribes nigrum, also called blackcurrant in Brazil, held this subordinate position to the pasado epermanece relatively rare century – despite its vitamin C content overcome widely the lemon – unless in the form of drinks like créme cassis burgundy and Ribena, the syrup brand fruit it consumes almost three red-quarters of the commercial harvest of Britain.

  • However, gardeners know that small fruits b offer more than juice. Although some varieties are more juicy and sweet and more spicy and intense flavor, they are all used in cooking.

  • The fruits harvested in early summer are bottled, made into jam or mixed with other fruit jams they leave the mark of his very particular aroma. In the professional kitchen, they are often used to give effect sauces, such as that usually accompanies Magret Roast Duck. The Cassis was born to be combined with more white flavor ingredients.








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  1. Your website is stunning! I love the content and concept for “foods to eat before you die.” I look forward to reading more!

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  2. I agree! Cassis are great. Here in Norway they are called solbær (sun berries) and they are sweeter and more delicious than in Australia

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  3. I fell in love with your site!!! Will follow for shure!! i am 100% shure i will learn from your post and recipes and can try to adapt them to my eating habits!!! thank you Mr. Gustavo! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Notonlya , I am working very hard on this Blog to give the best information about Food & Recipes🖒
      Enjoy Notonlya 😆

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  4. I never had the fruit in its natural state, only as a liqueur (which is delicious)

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    1. It’s Delicious but is very hard find this Fruit 🖒

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      1. I live in Pittsburgh, PA, USA and have never come across Cassis in it’s natural state and I shop often in Whole Foods for their produce.

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