Pike Perch ” Paupiette ” Tarragon and Mushroom Sauce Mini Puff Pastry with Chicory



  • Food Art & Techniques to make The Best Pike Perch Step By Step.

  • Traditional French Main Course to bring exquisite recipes to your fine dining table for special ocacsions.

La Champagne

Capital: Reims


  • La Champagne: l`Aube, la Marne et la Haute-Marne. principal cities are Troyes, Châçonssur-Marne et Chaumont.




  • La Champagne is marked out cities whose names evoke a gastronomy of old tradition. The Champagne culinary repertory is often dominated by its poduct-headlight, the champagne, the preparations called ” á la Champagne”. i.e cooked with champagne or the still wine of champagne, are not always the reflection of the local kitchen.

  • It is rather of country inspiration. The sologne, countries of grounds poor, drowned water in the west, drier and sand spreaders in the east, the Sologne forms a small island in the south of Orleans, in the loop of the Loire.

  • Covered with moors and drills, enamelled of almost 3000 ponds, the Sologne is dedicated to hunting and fishing. When the end comes from the meal, the Sologne praises itself to be the country of the Tatin sisters, who held a restaurant in Lamothe-Beuvron, and Pithiviers is prided to have given its name to famous laminated lined of cream frangipane.



Regional Products



  • Lentillon de Champagne


  • Quinces, strawberries


  • Trout and salmons.


  • Cider from Othe, Marc Champagne




Pike Perch ” Paupiette “, Tarragon and Mushroom Sauce, Mini Puff Pastry with Chicory


Serves 3 

Main Ingredients

1 x 350 g Pike Perch Filet

Salt, Pepper

4 Mushrooms, Medium Size to turn

1/2 lemon, butter, water for Mushrooms Cooking ( optional )

150 g Puff Pastry + 1 egg for egg wash



Pike Perch Trimmings ( 120 to 150 g)

20 g Egg White

Salt, Nutmeg

100 to 120 g Whipping Cream

20 g Butter, Softened

1 tsp Herbs Chlorophyll

1 tsp Tarragon Leaves, Finely Chopped


Paupiettes Cooking

2 Shallots, Finely Chopped

20 g Butter

250 ml Brut Champagne

250 ml light Fish Fumet

Turned Mushroom Trimmings + Tarragon Springs

Salt, Pepper



2 Small Chicories or 1 Medium Size

20 g Butter

Salt, Sugar

1/2 Orange Zest and Juice


Sauce Finishing

120 ml Cream

30 g Butter



Fish – 15 Minutes / Oven – 160°
Pastry – 8 + 4 Minutes / Oven – 180°


  1. Take the filet and emouve all the bone, remouve the skin and part on the center of the fis, cut half of the head and the back. Open the fish like a when you open a bread and make the fish flat.

  2. Separe 120 g of all the fish trimming. Add the trimming in one boll and add salt, pepper, egg white and butter, add cream and mix all .

  3. Now you need to cife all this mix cream ( mouse ), chopped the taragon and add into the mouse and clorofila and add the boll on the ice.

  4. Add salt and pepper on the fish filets, add the mouse insaid of the fish ,rooling the fish filets on the plastic 2 times and clouse.

  5. Peal the mushroom, clearne the chicory and keep just the good size, cut each one in half and clean the center.

  6. Add sugar on the pan to start melt, add the chicory and butter to start fry, add orange juice and orange skin, add salt and cooking slow.

  7. Cut the shallots in sliced and fry with butter, add the mushroom to fry and after done add the cream.


The Gastronomic Journey

My itinerary will begin in Brazil in 01/21/2017 for 3 month’s and then I will go to Spain, Italy and France . I will write all the experience in said of the ship and 1 time per Week I will be on the ground to get some pictures, videos at each city I stop. I will bring on the post at my blog typical food and the best recipes from the city’s, interesting techniques, costumed.



These books were inspired by my international travel in South America, Europe and Asia. The recipes are a collection of appetizers, main courses and desserts for special occasions.


Recipes Book`s

International Recipe’s Book Main Course

The Main Course Book is a collection of recipes based on meat fish and pork ingredients. They also include Duck, Pigeon and Veale delicacies for special moments.

Main Course Book

– Download –



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