The Gastronomic Journey at Santos, Brazil


The first  city I will travel to will be Santos so that the first post will be about all the food & Recipe from Santos, São Paulo – Brazil .     


      Departing from Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil

21st of January

On the 21st of January i will begin my journey I will start working as a 3rd chef for 4,000 people at the Cruise Ship. I will write everything about my day at the kitchen, take pictures of the dishes and some video’s.


Gastronomic Experiences in Santos


The Gastronomic Experiences I had at Santos is amazing,many types of Food’s , the people from Santos are so good with the Turists .

Today in Santos dont have sonn so that dont have too many thinks to do but tomorrow I will get my cruise ship and start my Gastronomic Journey .

                                           -INTERNATIONAL RECIPES –


Public Sourse


Local Ingredients


Mecca is a frequent tropical fish in the temperate waters

Mecca is a frequent tropical fish in the temperate waters of all the oceans, although it is primarily a warm water species. It has high tolerance to thermal variations (from 5 ° to 27 ° C), and is distributed from the surface up to 650m deep. It can reach 4.45m and weigh more than 500Kg.


After a survey carried out in the summer of 2004, he identified Mecca as one of the fish preferred by tourists and residents of Santos, the City Hall in partnership with the Gastronomy Course of the Catholic University of Santos and the Hotel, Restaurants, Bars and Similar Syndicate of Baixada Santista , Created the “Santista Mecca” and defined it as the Typical Dish of the city.





Local Recipes

Cod is a cold water fish, very common in Portuguese and Brazilian cuisines. Cook Francisco Carrera Rodrigues, Paquito, from the Porta do Sol restaurant in Santos, taught the G1 his recipe, which combines fish with a delicious lobster broth.




Chef Gustavo Pasquini – Blog  App  Shop 






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