The Gastronomic Journey at Rio de Janeiro



Rio de Janeiro will be in my etinery on my Gastronomic Journey. I will show you the best parts of the Island, local food from the community and the principal ingredients from the Island.



The Gastronomic Experiences at Rio de Janeiro






Local Recipes

Bolinho de Bacalhau – Source: Site Sempre Perfeito

Many people think that Rio de Janeiro does not have a typical cuisine, which is not true. The typical Carioca foods are closely linked to the recipes of Portuguese cuisine, which have been adapted to the reality of this state. For almost two centuries, from 1763 to 1960, the city was the capital of Portugal and perpetuated, for the most part, the influence of Portuguese taste and traditions in our food.

A very Carioca and very traditional option are the dishes based on cod, an obvious and delicious Portuguese heritage that extends to this day without many changes. In fact, there are many restaurants specializing in serving cod throughout Rio de Janeiro. And for those who do not know what to order, start with a delicious codfish, which is very well accompanied with a few drops of olive oil!



Feijoada – Source: Site Papo

Dishes such as oxtail, tongue, liver steak and fried sardines can be considered typical of Rio cuisine. After all, they are very common foods in Rio’s restaurants, especially the more traditional restaurants, which we can not easily see anywhere else.

But, perhaps, the most carioca of all food is the feijoada, so dear in all the state. The feijoada carioca has to be with black beans and take several parts of the pig (from the muzzle to the tail, goes almost everything!). Of accompaniment, white rice and that farofa neat! The feijoada is so typical that the whole samba school court serves the delicacy at least once a year. And is there anything better than feijoada and samba?



File a Oswaldo Aranha – Source: Site M


But what few people know is that there is a typical dish from Rio de Janeiro, which has no connection with Portuguese cuisine and was born in a restaurant in Lapa: fillet to Oswaldo Aranha. Legend has it that every day the famous politician went to the same restaurant and ordered the same food, which quickly received the lovely nickname “filé a Oswaldo Aranha” in his honor! The dish, which consists of a fillet seasoned with fried garlic, accompanied by Portuguese potatoes, white rice and egg farofa, can be found almost anywhere in Rio de Janeiro.





– Chef Gustavo Pasquini – Blog  App  Shop 





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