The Gastronomic Journey at Ilheus, Bahia



Ilheus, Bahia will be in my etinery on my Gastronomic Journey, I will show you the best parts of the Island, local food from the community and the principal ingredients from the Island.



Gastronomic Experiences in Ilheus, Bahia


 The local recipe is the Acarage, it’s flour of corne, oliver oil of Dende. This dish is very popular and you can find every were at Ilheu, Bhaia.



Local Recipes

Walking in Ilheus does not just mean beautiful beaches and dark people. It is also the land of tempting and unforgettable foods, such as the meat of the sun, inherited from the sergipanos, fish moquecas, crab and shrimp, acarajé from Bahia, farofa from jabá, crab that is prepared in various ways, succulent pitús , Siris among other delicacies. The typical cuisine of the county is based on seafood moquecas.

Like dessert, cocadas, pies and cakes and the traditional cocoa juice. Also try the ice cream made with local fruits such as coconut, passion fruit, jackfruit, açai, umbú, genipapo, cocoa, or try to resist the genipap candy, cocoa, milk, and jackfruit. In the south of Bahia it is inevitable to fall in love with the local fruit juices, such as cocoa (the fruit of which chocolate is made – but that does not taste like chocolate), jackfruit, coconut, umbu.

The same fruits give delicious liquors and beats. Juices can be made with water or milk and the most famous is cocoa. Among the liquors the most requested by the tourists is also the one of cocoa, of original and full-bodied taste, but the one of genipapo soon next like one of the preferred ones. A popular Bahian invention is the “capeta”, an energetic blend of fruits, alcoholic beverages and guarana powder.


 Best Parte at Ilheus- Bra

The best part of ilheus is the beach of course, Ilheus is a small town at the sea, very popular for your best view.




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