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I am Gustavo Pasquini, from São Paulo, Brazil and according to me; food is the best way to connect people with each other. My passion for healthy and delicious cooking is contagious. This was the main thought behind creating “Food & Recipes at Home”. I came up with the idea of International Recipes book and wanted to revolutionize how cooking at home is done. Through my international recipes book I want to share great food and terrific stories with the readers. My magazine, book and online blog provides an opportunity for food enthusiasts to deep dive into the world of healthy and delicious cooking. It also offers a great learning opportunity to anyone who wants to try out Mediterranean, Italian and South American cooking style themselves.

The Magazine’s main Course Recipes are inspired by my international travel in South America, Europe and Asia. The recipes are a collection of appetizers, main courses and desserts for special occasions. I want to introduce people to the experience of various recipes via videos, books and blogs. My diverse culinary experience including Italian, South American, Asian, and Mediterranean cuisine within nationally and internationally renowned restaurants will be shared with anyone interested in healthy and delicious food. With the help of my organization I will seek to bring strong supervisory food prep and organizational skills to the table in this industry.

The recipes in my book, magazine and Blog range from fun and unfussy to a little more involved, but ultimately, they’re all delicious. I am most inspired by the things we eat when traveling or random ingredients in the fridge. My blog is updated daily and will keep you posted about the gastronomic journey from around the world.

Executive Summary

I, Gustavo Pasquini am a resourceful and self directed individual with 5+ years of experience working as a chef in a top notch fine dining restaurant. Excellent understanding of recipe modification and nutrient composition along with advanced nutrition skills aimed at preparing specialized food items. I am well-versed in creating both aesthetically pleasing and scrumptious tasting delicacies, main course and entrees. I am always looking to learn new things and experiment with my cooking. All this will be showcased in my book, magazine blog and videos. I am self-motivated, hands-on Chef who prefers to lead by example.

At the moment I am in Sao Paulo, Brazil for 2 months holiday and soon I will go to Spain, Italy and France with the cruise ship named Costa. I work as a chef on this cruise ship and our team of chefs serves various cuisines to around 4000 people daily. While travelling I will write about my experience on the cruise and share pictures, videos from each city the cruise stops. The posts on my blog will talk about the best recipes from all those cities, interesting techniques used in preparation and how those recipes are consumed.

I studied at “Senac, Juiz de Fora”, in Minas Gerais, developing my basic culinary techniques and also undertook a course in one of the most prestigious international networks of French cuisine; “Le Cordon Bleu” at Bangkok. This learning helped me to develop new recipes in accordance with consumer tastes, nutritional needs and budgetary considerations. Today I’m based in Brazil and busy with my recipe book collection that will help you bring exquisite recipes to your fine dining table for special occasion.



International Recipes Book Main Course

The Main course Book is a collection of recipes based on meat fish and pork ingredients. They also include Duck, Pigeon and Veale delicacies for special moments.



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