Meat Guide – The Butcher (1)

Meat Guide

Choosing the Best cuts for Steak Recipe

Meat Guide

Meat Guide – The Butcher, The meat guide is about all the process from the butcher .


Meat Guide

Choosing the best cuts for steak recipes

The Butcher

How to choose beef properly?

First, we need to keep in mind what we want to do and how the rigidity of the flesh can help or disrupt us.

Stiffer cuts are ideal for more elaborate and technical preparations like roasts and marinades.

These cuts have dark red coloration, high resistance to touch and tangles of fat between the fibers of the meat (marble).

On the other hand, less rigid cuts are ideal for fast and simple preparation, such as grilling for example!

These cuts have a lighter color, are less resistant to touch and generally have a fat cover around the cut with little marbling.


Since we decide what kind of meat we should buy, let’s look at its characteristics.

To know if a meat is consistent with its proposal, we have to observe three aspects: color, brightness (viscosity) and resistance to touch.

The color of the meat indicates the age / breed of the animal. The darker, the older the animal was, and the more characteristic the meat flavor will have. But the meat will be harder …

It is worth remembering that greenish or very dark colors pulled towards the purple indicate signs of oxidation of the meat, and that is to say that some precautions regarding the storage were not taken.

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  1. Scott Adams says:

    I like that you mentioned purple colors might mean that the meat wasn’t stored perfectly. I have been wanting to go to a steakhouse soon, and I wasn’t sure what meat to order. I’ll have to be sure and order meat that looks good to me, so I don’t have to worry about how it was stored.


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