Food Notes • Brazil

“You cannot get an influence from the cuisine of a country if you don’t understand it. You’ve got to study it.” – Chef Ferran Adria


Brazil is a beautiful country and the best place to you find good ingredients and a very taste recipes from the local people.

My proposal to The Food Notes Brazil Magazine is bring the best recipes from each state by local people showing their way how to cook with fresh ingredients .

First State will be at This Week stay On .


The Young Chef

To be a chef you need to be always a cook.

When I start my journey as a cook in 2012 I touch work in the kitchen is all about combination of taste and color in one plate.My dream always was be a Chef and work in a Michelin star Restaurant at some where in this world.

I grow up with a good Brazilian food in my table, my GrandMother was a Italian and a exelente cook at home, always dedicate her day to make breakfast, lunch, Teatime and Dinner to the all family every day .

The Day of the “Coxinha“ always was excited because every body need to help roll the bakery in the format of Coxinha and other people start fry .Enjoy a meal connect people with the feeling from when you enjoy the life so that, Food is Life.This is one away to see how connected we are when is about Human & Nature, every ingredient came from the Nature even when the product is artificial.

Gustavo Pasquini 
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