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  1. Hello Chef, thank you for being one of my first followers. I truly appreciate it and look forward to your comments and posts. Your site is quite impressive, very well presented. You have made many accomplishments, but I think that your cruise ship adventure should be amazing and I hope it is as amazing and educational as I imagine it will be. My favorite is definitely the “foods to try before you die”. Your site gives me an idea of what I am aspiring to get to. Best of luck and thank you once again, feel free to share a post of mine on your site maybe, I would that as it may help me catch a few more readers.

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    1. Hello, Mr. Matthew I am very happy with this comment 😆
      Tommorow I am going get the Cruise Ship so that I am very busy over here but I will try link your Blog on my Post 😆


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      1. Yes it looks quite exciting. My uncle once told me he used to work a cruise ship he did short three-day runs, he said it wasn’t quite as nice as it sounds, however your ship seems to have quite the culinary selection. Anytime you can please share your adventure, I’ll be sure to share them with the few followers I have😁🕉️🙏


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