The Appetizer recipes commences your dining experience with Mediterranean and  South American ingredients for romantic, ceremonial and celebratory  occasions.

salads-2-Main Courses-

The Main course book is a collection of recipes based on meat fish and pork ingredients. They also include Duck, Pigeon and Veale delicacies for special moments.



The Desert book is a colorful collection of sweet recipes that will delight your palette. These recipes will complete your dining experience on a high with delicate exquisite tastes.

salads-5-Mother Sauces-

A Brief History of The Mother Sauces

The French mother sauces were originally four base sauces set forth by Antonin Careme in the 19th century. Careme’s four original mother sauces were Allemande, Bechamel, Veloute andEspagnole.

In the 20th century, Chef Auguste Escoffier demoted Allemande to a secondary sauce of Veloute, and added Sauce Tomat and Hollandaise.

1 -Salads-

Food Art & Techniques to make The Best Salad Step By Step.

salads-17-Healthy Raw Snack-

The Best Healthy Raw Snack 
By Gustavo Pasquini

salads-6-Exotic Fruit-

I am here to bring 1010 Type’s of Food’s to Try Before You Die, the Food’s will be from all the world at my Gastronomic Journey on the Cruise Ship and from my country.


In many recipes you’ll see how they want the ingredients cut listed right next to that ingredient. For example, “1 large onion, small dice.” But how big is a small dice?



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